An essential part of our client experience is the Discovery Process, which begins with you, our client.  This is how we get to know you and come to understand your life, business and family, which are vital steps towards working with you to successfully plan for your future.  It gives us a deep understanding of your financial needs and goals and sets the stage for the shared journey ahead as client and advisor.

During our Discovery Process the answers you share will shape a vision of your financial path—past, present and future. We believe that the client-advisor relationship revolves around a genuine personal connection based on trust and integrity. With this in mind, we strive to build deeper connections with our clients while we address their financial needs using our holistic approach.
Once we understand your financial vision, we’ll help you map your journey. Together, we’ll craft a plan and strategy driven by what is important to you. And as the course of your life shifts, we’ll adjust to the changes and help bring balance to your financial life.

VIP™: Our Interactive Approach to Financial Planning

Part of our approach to financial planning includes our Visual Interactive Planning™ tool, which is both interactive and informative. This involves a collaborative process in which clients and advisors work together to take a big-picture approach to possibilities while examining and exploring multiple scenarios that may affect your future financial outlook.

During a VIP™ session we’ll use what we’ve learned during our discovery process and enable you to see a robust picture of your current financial strategies and explore opportunities for improvements as we assess your overall picture. We’ll work together to answer questions about choices and trade-offs:

  1. Where will my money come from in retirement?
  2. What if I spend more in retirement?
  3. Can we afford in-home care?
  4. How will retiring early affect my current lifestyle?
  5. What timeframe is ideal for business succession planning?

And many more.  See your answers.

In real time, you’re able to play out scenarios that may or may not affect how you feel about your financial plan.  You can see the possibilities.

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